Marchénoir翻譯為“黑市” - 這個概念是消費者能夠根據每天改變的菜單找到獨特而難以找到的菜肴。 我們從舊戰后報紙的影響力來繪制定制排版,我們基于圖形上的莫爾斯電碼的可視化。


A visual identity that represents the core concept of the brand

Au Marché noir is a restaurant in the heart of Brussels, which focuses on serving fresh, organic and healthy food from local produce. We developed the restaurant’s entire visual identity – this included the logo, colours, typography and packaging.

Marché noir translates to ‘black market’ – the concept is that consumers are able to find unique and hard to find dishes based on a menu that changes every day. We took influence from old post war newspapers to draw a bespoke typography and we based the pictogram on the visualisation of morse code.

The main idea was to create a simple and minimal identity so that the visual designs wouldn’t overpower the unique concept of the brand.